A group of twenty-three class representatives sued on behalf of people who have similar claims. The class representatives are: Mike Bishop, Cindy Booze, Wanda Duryea, Matthew Ence, Benjamin Faber, Barney Gooman, Jr., Matthew Hosking, James Ito-Adler, Chris Johnson, Susie Lim, John McKee, Gail Murphy, Benjamin Murray, Angela Pritchard, Ben Porter, Mike Reilly, Sandra Steffen, Thomas Stenger, Kristina Tecce, Brian Tindall, Anbessa Tufa, and Kimberly Wood. In its order certifying the class, the District Court found that each of these representatives adequately represent the interests of class members. These class representatives have individually devoted significant amounts of time to this litigation, including reviewing pleadings and legal briefs filed in the action, responding to discovery requests from the defendants and being deposed by the defendants. Each of the class representatives supports the proposed settlements.

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